The legendary brewery from Shawinigan, Quebec has finally started to ship their beer in quantity to Alberta and one of the first to arrive is a saison known as du Tracteur. Brewed to 6% ABV with traditional farmhouse style saison yeast.

A beautiful glowing bright yellow body with a finger of foamy white head. A solid stream of tiny bubbles ascend upwards as a testament to bottle conditioning. The aroma is floral and very heavily scented with citrus zest and yeast esters. A light honey sweetness and mild toasted cereal malts with a noble hop aroma blended well with the whole nose.The first sip is a bit tart and zesty with big lemony citrus fruits and mild spice notes of coriander and light grains of paradise. Mild malts are mostly unnoticed in the whole flavor profile with overbearing citrus fruits and spices.There is a full flavored traditional saison style yeast and ester flavor throughout with mild spices and definite funky farmhouse flavors. The finish is tart and a bit bitter with lingering citrus fruit notes and mildly bitter grassy hops. A well combined, complex saison with one hell of a flavor. Overall this is one of the best non-Belgian saisons I’ve been privileged to try with a solid traditional yeast flavor and aroma as well as a tasty fruity taste.


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