Pizza Cooks and Bartenders/Servers

We are an NEK institution renowned for our top quality, locally sourced pizza and craft beer, our live music & trivia nights, and generally being an awesome time in the middle of nowhere!  Accepting applications now for full & part-time pizza monkeys and draft jockeys. Positions open now, and for our busy summer season.



  • Willingness to bust your butt, have fun & make money.
  • Ability to provide great food and great service to a large & varied year-round customer base including locals, lake dwellers, families, farmers, snowmobilers, beer geeks, food connoisseurs, hippies, college kids, vacationers, and everyone in between.
  • Reliable transportation, and a home base within 25 miles of West Glover.
  • Attitude, ideally a mostly positive one.


  • Experience in food or bar service, but we will train the right person.
  • We will accept the following Dwarf types:
  • Happy, Doc, Bashful (kitchen only), Dopey (to a limit).  Please no Sleepys, Sneezys, or Grumpys.
  • D&D orientations from Lawful Good through Chaotic Neutral will be considered.

…team player, multitasking, fast paced environment, yada, yada…

Please email [email protected], and include a resume, or curriculum vitae, or expositional video, or love note, and answer the following questions:

  1. If you were a pizza, what would you be topped with and why?
  2. If you’ve ever been to Parker Pie before, what did you love about the place & what were you pretty meh about?  Be honest, we can take it!
  3. What does the phrase “balls to the wall” mean to you?


Please call us at (802) 525-3366 and/or come in to fill out an application.

161 County Rd.

West Glover, VT 05875

Monday – Sunday 11am – 10pm

Email [email protected] with relevant questions. Thanks!